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Declaration of Intention to Opt Out of Statutory Certification

The BCMS system is currently being updated to take account of the changes introduced in SI 365 of 2015 i.e. the introduction of the Declaration of Intention to Opt Out of Statutory Certification (referred to below as "Opt Out Declaration"). The BCMS should continue to be used for all Commencement Notice submissions using the following process.>

1. The Owner of a building project should register as normal with the BCMS. Make sure to include or update your details as follows:

In the Qualification section include a Registration Type of 'Other' and in Registration Number field enter "OptOut".

2. Select a Commencement Notice With Documentation – include the wording 'Opt Out' in the Project Name and Description.

3. In the Roles tab the Owner should assign themselves as the Owner, the Designer, and the Assigner Certifier. Assign the Builder and the Builder will have to accept their role on the system as normal.

- The Owner will need to accept the Owner, Designer and Certifier roles, please note this does not commit the owner in the Designer and Certifier roles as the 'Opt Out Declaration' will be uploaded as at step 5.

4. Complete, sign and scan the 'Opt Out Declaration', the form is available at the bottom of the page.

5. In the Statutory Documents tab upload the completed 'Opt Out Declaration' in place of the Design Certificate, Notice of Assignment (Assigned Certifier), Undertaking by Assigned Certifier and Undertaking by Builder.

6. In the Supporting Documents tab upload your plans etc as normal. In place of the Inspection Notification Framework /Inspection Plans upload the 'Opt Out Declaration' form.

We appreciate your cooperation with this interim arrangement while the system is being updated.

Download Declaration of Intention to Opt Out of Statutory Certification form

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