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Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of creating harmony and balance in the home and office environment. Feng Shui literally means “ wind and water”. The main purpose of maintaining good Feng Shui is to achieve harmonious family relationships, foster good health, refresh your energy levels, bring enthusiasm back into your life and in business attract prosperity and success.

The are two opposing forces active in the universe, Ying and Yang which symbolise the sun and the moon. Yin exists in Yang and Yang exists in Yin, this is the changing combination of positive and negative, dark and light, cold and hot which keeps the world spinning and creates Chi - the giving life force.


Female: Earth, moonlight, darkness, quite, decreasing, absorbing, receptive, winter, soft, valleys, still water, gardens, sleep. Direction - North, Quality - Shady, Number - Even.


Masculine, heaven, sunlight, day, heat, motion, active, summer, hills, mountains, houses, wakefulness. Direction - South, Quality - Sunny, Numbers - Odd.

In all aspects of life a state of balance should exist between the opposing forces of Yin and Yang.


Means - Life force energy. Good chi invigorates the healing life force energy, the flow creates calm, balance and harmony through out the body. Negative chi and stagnant chi need to be moved from your environment as it can affect everything that you do

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