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Mini Digger - Can be used as above but it is a smaller version. It costs less to hire and is usually used for smaller jobs like digging for pipes or leveling and digging a small area.

Heavy Machinery

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Please Note: All the machinery on this page would have to be operated under Health & Safety Regulations.

The use of these machines can cause severe pressure on your body due to the sudden movements and vibrations.

It is recommended that you employ a professional to operate them if you are suffering from any physical or medical problems that could get worse by the use of the above.

Wheeled Digger - Used for digging the ground and leveling the surface. This machine is used over a hard surface as it would struggle to move over a soft surface like bog soil. The benefit of this machine is that it can be driven to the site.


Track Digger - Used for digging the ground and leveling the surface. This machine can be used over hard and soft surface. The disadvantage of this machine id that it has to be delivered to the site in a trailer as it could damage the road surface and its own tracks.

Tractor - Can be used for leveling a large area of the ground and also compacting the ground by connecting a stone compactor to its back.

Cement mixer lorry - used for delivering ready mix to the site.

Please note that if the pouring area is further than the chute on the lorry, you need to order one with an extended belt. This usually costs more.

Picture Source JCB

Picture Source JCB

Picture Source JCB

Picture Source JCB

Roller - Used for compacting and flattening the ground. Not to be used too close to the foundation of any structure as it might cause cracks.

Please note that these kind of machinery should not be used too close to structures or foundations.

Crane - Used for picking up heavy materials to and above certain heights.

Please do not attempt to physically lift heavy materials yourself. These type of machinery can come very handy and reach areas that are not accessible.

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