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Home Networking

Home Networking, put simply, is the facility to have all of your homes’ multimedia services, such as TV, Satellite, DVD,

Multiroom Audio, Phone/fax, Broadband etc. available in all rooms via wall outlet sockets which are wired back to a central distribution hub or panel. This hub/panel (much like a fuse box) is discretely located in a storage type room or utility room. All of your services such eircom phone supply, broadband connection, terrestrial TV etc are brought to this point. All of the domestic entertainment equipment, generally speaking, is also located here beside your hub/panel.

By connecting all your services and devices to the distribution hub they can then be easily piped to any of the numbered outlet points around the home, making it simple to just connect a TV, set of speakers, laptop, phone / fax, wherever it is needed and have it work while at the same time drastically reducing the unsightly clutter of wires and equipment visible in any room.

So why should someone building a new home want a Home Networking system?

Traditionally when a home is completed and you move in and the next step is to decide upon the function of rooms and plan the furniture & equipment layout based on where the TV & phone points are…… TV here , phone on a table there….. and there they will stay. There is usually only 1 correct layout of where your multimedia (video-audio-phone-broadband) equipment should go and the function of rooms rarely changes over the lifetime of the home. Home Networking changes all this. Since wall outlets have no predetermined function the layout of a room is not based on the location of services but on the way you would actually like to set out the room.

By having sockets on every wall into which any piece of equipment can be plugged in, and any signal plugged out, the increased flexibility, and the improvement in lifestyle is immeasurable.

Should the need or desire to completely change the layout or function of a room arise the function of the data points can be re-arranged by the end user in seconds.

An upstairs room that begins life as a nursery with little need for multimedia services could become a home office or games room in years to come. A home network allows for this evolution seamlessly. Services can be given on a temporary basis and then taken away – for example, during school holidays satellite TV could be given to a child’s bedroom and then taken away again come term time, similarly phone / internet services, networked console gaming, multiroom audio etc.

So what can a home network do for me?

With a good home network in place, all equipment in the home can be concealed in a central location such as under the stairs, cloakroom, utility room etc, removing the need for bulky and unsightly entertainment centres in rooms with jungles of cables & boxes. Living spaces would simply have a TV or Plasma screen in a corner, or on the chimney breast with all video equipment connected to it from the central location, such as DVD players, VHS, Satellite boxes, terrestrial TV Aerial, CCTV Cameras, Desktop PC’s, networked games consoles etc.

A set of speakers in any or all rooms of the house can be playing music piped from sources at the hub or from anywhere else in the house – iPods, MP3 Players, CD Players, Hi-Fi’s.

Want to surf the internet? Simply sit down in your favourite chair anywhere in your new home and plug the laptop into the nearest available data point and you’re ready to go.

Prefer to have the internet appear on all of your TV’s – on the couch, in bed, wherever…… With a good home network this is all simple.

Good home network systems will also allow you to control all your devices as normal from any location in the home.

Home Networking future-proofs your home today, for the technology of tomorrow.

By choosing to install a good home network today you are choosing to ensure that your home will have the ability to simply and efficiently integrate all of the equipment and services that you possess today, but also that it will be able to incorporate all of the technology, equipment and services that become available well into the future of your home.