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The heart of the house is often in the kitchen, it is where food is prepared, conversations are struck and the family can sit together and talk about their day over a family meal. Have your room plan in front of you, look at how much you have to spend. If you can afford it, get a professional company to design a kitchen for you that would meet all your needs and requirements. If you can not afford it, then think about where everything needs to go, take into consideration your needs first and then decide on what you would like to have. The idea of a big American style fridge is good but not if you do not have any cupboard space to put in your other things , like dishes, pots and pans or cans. Do decide on the type of seating area that you will need. Would you like to have a traditional table and chair or go for something more modern like a breakfast bar and stools.

Cupboards and Work Units : This is something that should really be done by a professional or if you are very good at DIY. There is no point putting up a cupboard that will collapse and could harm someone as soon as a little weight is added to it. If you are going to do it yourself, then you need to measure how much space you have for cupboards exactly because if you are buying them pre packed and you are assembling them yourself, you do not want to end up with gaps between them. If you are buying pre packed do pay the extra for joints and end finishes as it makes all of the difference.

Work tops: It is always worth spending a bit extra on the finishes in the kitchen. The quality of the work tops will show through out the whole kitchen. There are a wide variety of surfaces available from DIY shops and design kitchen companies. If you can afford it do consider things like granite, marble or natural wood.

Marble: Since time immemorial, natural marble stones have been used in temples, mosques, palaces, and homes.

Marble Stone is the most popular ornamental and decorative stone because of its pleasing colors, attractive patterns and designs. Marble is a metamorphic rock resulting from the re-crystallization of limestone softened from heat and pressure. It is usually heavily veined and shows lots of grains. Marble is a reasonably strong and durable stone. It takes good polish, popularly used as wall claddings, floors, skirting, table tops, treads and risers, sculptures, artifacts.

Granite is an important structural and decorative stone. It’s used for immense structural work due to its high compressive strength and durability. It is the hardest structural stone. Granite’s rich colours, stiffness and density, make it an ideal choice for flooring, counter tops, vanities as well as exterior applications. Many stylish patterns and colours make granite the most versatile and trendy of all stones. It is also a very low-maintenance stone. Granite is composed of quartz, feldspars, micas and other minerals. These minerals contribute to the colour and texture of the granite stones. Granites get their wonderful variety of colors and patterns from minerals that are melted into the liquid mass as it is formed.

Wall and Ceiling Finishes: There is a wide choice of finishes that you can use for here. Tiles are very easy to keep clean and should be considered for most areas in the kitchen. There are special paint for the kitchen ceiling and walls that can be wiped clean and resist Condensation & Mould.

Floor covering needs to be hard wearing and easy to keep clean. There are a lot of options available to you, shop around.

Sinks : The sink will be used everyday even if you do have a dishwasher. Do you need to have a colour co ordinate sink and draining board? or will you be going for stainless steel ? Do consider a double or a Belfast sink as they give you more room to do what you need. Do not forget the plumbing needs during your design process.

Cooker: Do you need Gas, Electric or both?. Do you need a rayburn? If you do a lot of baking then you might need to consider having a variety of cookers, separates, built in and so on. Have you considered building in a barbecue as now you can buy specially designed barbecue’s designed for use in a kitchen. Whatever type of cooker you go for, you will need an extractor fan to take away steam and odour, so when you are designing your house do make sure that the block layer leaves a hole in the wall at the point of construction. You do not want to do this later, as it will cause a lot of dust and mess.

Fridge: Do you need a built in fridge, a Larder fridge or one with a small ice box. There are a lot of varieties of fridges that you can choose from and with the costs coming down, you even have choices on different style American fridges on the market with built in ice cube section. Do not forget the electrical socket need in the design process

Freezer : Do you store a little amount of food or do you go shopping and buy everything that is on offer, if you do then consider chest freezer if you have the space. If it does not fit in the kitchen, then make space for it in the utility room or the garage.

Dishwasher: If you want a dishwasher, decide on how big you need it to be for you. the thing that you have to consider is, how big is the family and do you have a lot of parties? Shop around and get one that meets your requirements as far as the amount of dishes that you can fit in it. If your kitchen is not very big and you still want a dishwasher then you could always buy a slim line or a table top dishwasher. Again, do not forget the plumbing needs when you are designing the structure.

Washing Machine and Tumble Dryer: If you do not have a utility room will you have to fit a washing machine or a combination washer/dryer in here. If you do, remember the need for electrical sockets and the plumbing required.

Pantry: All of your canned food and few other things can be stored here and it gives you more space in the kitchen to hide all of your small appliances.

We are sure that you can think of other things that you want in your kitchen but most of the above is what you need.

Think about the colour coordination. Another important factor here is Lighting. The right sort of lights in this room can change the mood and add style to your design.

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