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Types of Construction

Steel Frame Homes

In America Steel Framed homes are becoming more popular. Most of us have seen Timber Framed houses being constructed for TV programs and we all have seen how quickly the can be built.

Now Steel Framed homes are taking over, they can be built even quicker than Timber. This is because they are computer generated down to the last bolt and there are no imperfections in the straightness of the steel frames.

Steel has the highest strength to weight ratio of any other construction material. This allows for more open space’s inside the building as the steel can take the place of load bearing walls. Steel doesn’t change shape, sag, crack or creek and in case of a fire unlike timber, it is non - combustible.

Like Timber framed homes Steel framed homes can be finished off in the material of your choice, ie. brick or block.

All of the manufactures of this kind of steel are pleased to point out that their product is made from up to 3/4 of recycled steel from old cars and that in years to come when your home is being recycled the steel will not go into land fills it will again be recycled so that it saves on the trees and the environment.

Steel Framed homes are designed to withstand winds of up to 150 miles per hour, earthquakes and even floods.

Even Scientist recommend seeking shelter from thunderstorms in a steel framed building because the frame provides path directly to the ground reducing the likelihood of explosion and secondary fires.