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Types of Construction

The next generation of construction system has arrived. Structural Insulated Panel’s is a very fast, safe and energy efficient method of building a house.

The method has been used in North America in the past few years to construct whole buildings and more and more countries in Europe are beginning to catch on to this idea.

In Holland Sip's have been getting as popular as the traditional methods and the self builders are choosing it due to its high energy values.

Sip's have now arrived in Ireland, but what exactly is it and what are the benefits of this method over the traditional brick and block or timber frame?

The system is made of unique joining panels for walls and roof. The panels are made of two 15 mm OSB3, autohesively bonded to the rigid urethane insulation core during manufacture.

The benefits are that the system is highly energy efficient due to its air tight construction. It can be very fast as far as constructing the whole building and most important of all, it is green as it is made of wood.

The internal / partition walls are made of timber or steel studs and the external walls can be done in the traditional methods of brickwork or stone.

The highly efficient roof panels can be finished with tiles or slates on battens or profiled metal sheeting.

If you are looking for a house made of natural resources that is very high in energy efficiency which results in you saving money on heating, you should consider Sip's as one of your main options in constructing your house.

Structural Insulated Panel’s