Building regulations Ireland, how the new changes effect you?

The Regulations are set out by the government to ensure that each house built is to a minimum standard as far as design, built and safety.

Below you will find example’s of what building regulations will require of you as a self builder, but as each project is different do consult your qualified architect or engineer about what effects this would have on your build and make sure that they are adhered to and kept by the contractors.


The Technical Documents, commonly known as TGD's give guidance on how to construct a building so that it complies with the Regulations.

Where works are carried out in accordance with the TGDs, this will indicate compliance with the Regulations. The adoption of an approach different to the TGD's is not prohibited, provided that the approach meets the requirements of the Regulations.

The Building Control Authority may require such evidence in the case of an approach different from that given in the guidance to ensure that the building does comply with the regulations.

Important to note that neither the Building Regulations or the TGDs promote the use of a particular product or method of construction - nor do they favour masonry construction over timber frame construction.

Individual Technical Guidance Documents

You can access the individual Technical Guidance Documents by clicking on the link for each document listed below which will take you to the document which is held in the publications area of the site.

Current Technical Guidance Documents and Supporting Documentation

The Department is continuously reviewing and updating the Building Regulations and Technical Guidance Documents. Primary responsibility for compliance with the requirements of the Building Regulations rests with the designers, builders and owners of buildings.

The role of the local building control authority is to monitor and enforce the building control system. Authorities are empowered to carry out inspections and undertake, where necessary, enforcement action in order to ensure compliance.

Full List of Technical Guidance Documents 1997 - 2012

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Technical Guidance Documents