Design and Planning for your self build house in Ireland

We all dream of owning a fabulous house. A house that has everything we need and is very comfortable with the latest technologies. A house that meets all our requirements and is designed for all our needs now and in the future.

Are you building your own home?

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Buy or build

​​​​Majority of home owners take the easy route and buy a house that has been designed by a developer and ready to move in. For the rest of us, we take the next step and choose to build what we want. This allows us to choose the location of the build? Type of construction? Size and design to suit our family’s needs.

Your choice

As a self builder, you decide on everything, including the type and quality of the materials being used. You are not a developer thinking about profits and you will not build the house for the benefit of other people. This is your house and you can have what you want. (As long as it is agreed with planning and the regulations).

Plan everything

The first stage of the design would be to take some  time and put your ideas down on paper or a computer screen if you wish. You list absolutely everything you wish to have in your house.

You cover almost everything from Design, Structure, Services, Drainage, Heating and plumbing, Decoration and finishing touches, Gardens and so on. After this has been done, you start a folder and section all different areas of the build so that you know where everything should be related to that stage of the build.

Start the process

Now you put everything into a plan. The process of Design could take days, weeks, months or even in some cases years. Sometimes an idea looks good on paper but not practical when it has been completed. 

There are times that you have to keep changing things and this happens all through the process of the build. This is a big advantage of Self Building as you have the option of making revisions to the plans as the build is in progress.

Finding the right Contractors and Suppliers

After the first stage is done, you need the help of the professionals and suppliers to assist you with the Design, Planning, Building Regulations and the inspection of the project during the build. You make sure that all paper works has been checked and completed to meet with all the Planning and required Building Regulations.

There are times that Self Builders can take on some of the duties of these professionals but this is not recommended by us unless you are fully confident in your own capabilities.

Shop around

Designing your house is never finished until the completion of the property so do spend some time on choosing the practical items like switches, sockets, lights, doors, bathrooms, kitchens, safety and security and all other decoration materials. Do not choose the cheapest items but shop around and get quality materials at a cheaper rate.

Other things to consider

During the process of designing your home, remember that this is your house and your dream but it might be someone else’s nightmare, therefore you have to take a lot of things into consideration in your design.

  • Do respect other people’s opinion in the area, after all you will have to live next to some of them.
  • Always think about the nature and the environment  by choosing Renewable Energy.
  • Always protect your investment by making the site is safe and secure and proper insurances have been applied for your project.

And finally

Plan ahead for everything. Do not just make a decision on the first things you see or hear.