Feng Shui

Most people have heard of Feng Shui which translates to Wind and Water respectively .

Traditional Feng Shui is known to be an Art and a Science. Feng Shui originated in China and has its roots going back 3,000 years.

The Ancient Chinese believed that specific of land and energy could make or break a kingdom.

Feng Shui helps you achieve peace, tranquillity and serenity in your new house by using elements to achieve balance.,

Traditional Feng Shui is used to harmonies your living and work space in order to improve your health, relationship and create financial abundance.

There are 5 elements that are used in Feng Shui, they are water, fire, wood, metal and earth. These are placed in area of you home to bring a balanced harmony for life. It does not have to be big change. For example, If an area of a room is in need of a fire element then a painting, a red throw or a lamp could be used. If an area needs water you then could add a small water fountain or add the colour blue to that section.

Very often all the things that are needed to balance your home are already there,  they just need to be put in the right place.

When learning Feng Shui you could easily become over whelmed with all of the information, so, here are just a few things that you could try before moving on to the full practice.

Get a Plant

Feng Shui is all about space and air flow.  Plants make natural air purifiers and can also create unity with nature. Nature in the home environment invites harmony and balance so plants are excellent In this manor. 

Bamboo plant is important as it is a popular symbol and poetry. It is supposed  to be a tree that can ward off negative thoughts and energy’s and can promote resilience and courage among  people and is a sign of prosperity and abundance.  

While Bamboo is meant to be a lucky plant in Feng Shui you must be aware that it take a lot of looking after.

Another plant to have is a Jade, which is a reprehensible of a money plant. This plant is an ever green and is believed to radiate good energy that positively effects all aspects of life and brings prosperity to a work area.. 

Make sure that Jade plants are cut back so that they do not over grow as this could damage the good Chi in the room.  One good place to put this plant is on the top of your high cupboards.  In the Feng Shui prospective this area is usually filled with dust and Chi and it can get stuck there creating dead energy that can hold you back in life.

Clean your air

Open your windows more often as fresh air from outside brings movement into your room that creates a good energy flow as well as rejuvenation. If you are unable to open the window because of smells or air pollution, then bring an air purifier into your home and this will do the same thing.

Put Electronics Away

In the modern world that we live in today there are Computers, TV's Phones and Tablets  that had no place in the Ancient world so in order to achieve good harmony in the living space it is best where possible to remove these as they can emit a strong energy that is not always so positive.

Even though this might sound like an extremely difficult thing to do, you are guaranteed to feel much more comfortable afterwards.

Add more shapes to your room

With reference to the furniture in your living space, make sure you have different designs. Shapes represent different things in Feng Shui and you need to mix all of these elements to provide a comfortable living space.

Shapes and designs are also associated with the five elements, fire, water, wood, earth and metal.  You have to take these into consideration when buying your furniture. For example,  Square represents earth, right angles represent wood, triangles represent fire waves represent water and round items represent metal.

Some easy solutions could be a metal clock face or triangle candles. When you have all of these items in the room you will have a feeling of completeness and balance that Feng Shui strives to achieve.

Take off your shoes

It is a custom in most Asian countries to remove your shoes before entering the house. This is because it is understood that low level energy tends to sink in to ground level and some of this will end up on your shoes as we walk around.  

It would be a good idea would not look very nice to have shoes piling on top of each other just inside your door, so, get a small cupboard that you can store your shoes in near the entrance so, that you can put your shoes away when you walk in.

Find more light

Surround yourself with light.  Feng Shui is all about energy and light is the strongest magnification of energy.  This should betaken into consideration when you design your home.

Base’s of the lighting and air quality should be at the top of your list for Feng Shui  priorities. Therefore, make sure that you open your curtains or blinds to let the light come in.  

It is important to let the light reach every corner of the room.  Even artificial lights can also be a great form of energy in your home as it can turn a  negative energy to a positive energy.

Bed Arrangements

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in your room.  It is important to have a good placement of it in order for a good flow of Chi in your bedroom. While in each rooms Feng Shui elements are unique there are a few main tips to keep in mind when placing your bed.

It is recommended that you have a space on both sides of the bed and to place it diagonally across from the door.

You should be able to see the door while lying in bed.  This is not always possible, so if you can not do this, add a mirror to make it possible.

Your bed needs to be high off the ground to allow the Chi in the room to flow through the space. Storage boxes are fine to keep things in but not clutter under the bed as this can attract negative energy and can stop you from getting a good night sleep.

Get rid of Clutter

Clutter is the most important thing to get rid of in Feng Shui.  If a house is dirty then it can cause negative energy Chi to collect.  

The clutter can mean you have a lot of stuff that you do not love or use and you are only collecting blocks of negative energy for yourself and in this case you should let it all go.  

There is a Japanese legend that says  if you collect a lot of things in your living room that you do not use a 100 years later it will turn into a demon, so get rid of it.