Landscape and gardening

Landscape and gardening section of your build project should be a very important part of your initial design.

A good designed garden can add thousands to the value of your property as well as making your house look nice.

If done properly, you do not need a big budget to deal with this area but it has to be planned as part of your overall project.

If possible and you can afford it, a professional landscape gardener should be employed to guide you through this process and if not, you should get as much advice as possible from your local garden centres.

Landscaping & Garden Design Services

Owen Chubb Garden Landscapers is an established and award winning Garden Design and Landscaping Company based in Rathfarnham, Dublin, Ireland. We offer clients a complete and comprehensive range of Landscaping & Garden Design services throughout Dublin and Ireland.

We frequently hear ‘size matters’ but in gardening, very often small is very beautiful and therefore with careful planning and clever design, it is possible to transform even the smallest space or plot into an attractive feature rich garden oasis. 

Even if your plans are to build a garden on a small budget, it is possible to develop an attractive planting scheme without spending a fortune.

Before the process of designing a garden begins, it is necessary to first plan the new garden space. Other factors which will also require consideration include budget - how much are you willing to spend on features, plant varieties, stage of maturity etc, and how much time you are willing to invest in maintaining your new garden.   More...