Renewable Energy

We all need energy to make things work. Our bodies need to use energy to give us the power to move and do things. We use energy to make our cars and machinery move and keep us going for our daily needs. Energy is all around us, nothing happens without the use of it.

However, we have good energy and we have bad energy. Good energy is what nature gives us like the power of the sun, it makes us warm, gives us light and makes us feel good.

Bad energy gives us what we want and need but is not good for our health or nature. Example of this is when we burn fossil fuel for heating. It gives us the warmth that we need but in return it pollutant's the atmosphere and the ozone layer.

The breakdown of the ozone layer is the cause for the greenhouse effect around the world and if we do not think about the environment there may not be a future for our children to enjoy the nature as we have the opportunity to do so.

As a house builder, you have the chance to incorporate renewable energy in your project and help the environment and your pocket at the same time. By using renewable energy you can cut back on your heating bills and live in a healthier space.

There are so many different methods of using natural energy and so many different products on the market to help you with your decision.

The cost of oil, gas and electric rises every day, so do yourself and environment a favour by going the natural way.

Grants are available for the following works which must be completed by a registered SEAI contractor.

Energy Efficient Works Increased Grant Value

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