Why Self Build

You are going to own a new home and it is time to decide on whether you should buy an already built property on the market or go for your dream home and build a house that matches perfectly with your needs and requirements.

The first option is the easiest, but you will end up living in someone else’s vision and designs. With the sawing cost of land and houses you might be asking yourself why self build, surely it will costs a lot more?  

Well the cost of self build is a lot less than most people might think. As a matter of fact, 99% of people who complete a self build correctly will go on to make a profit on it if they decide to sell the house afterwards.

However,  self building is not just about making a profit and the main reason that many people self build is because they just can not find a house that has been designed to meet their needs as far as design, space or specifications.

The main thing about being a self builder is that you are in control.  You choose your location and how much you are willing to spend on it.  It is your decision how big you want to have your house, what materials you want to use and who and where you want to buy them from.

You decide on the quality of the materials and to what specification and not the builders.  It is your choice about the types of construction, the number and size of the rooms, what quality kitchen and bathrooms, and how green and energy efficient you would like to be.

Another big advantage is that should you ot be able to complete the house  financially, you can move in with only one room and bathroom done and the rest as you can afford it.

As mentioned above, there are lots of advantages to self building and project managing a build but it is not for everyone.

There are different levels of self building and it is up to you how much time and work you wish to be involved with in your project.

You can still self build even if the whole project has been passed on to a building contractor. You make the decisions on everything before each stage is done.

We ourselves are self builders. We have learnt the hard way and have faced many of the problems that will come up during the build and this is the reason for the Iaosb web site.

It is our aim to help and make self building easier for you. We hope that by providing the knowledge of products and materials on the market and other options available for each stage of the build we can make this process less stressful, cheaper and more enjoyable for you the self builders.  

It has been said that building a house is an experience and it usually take you up to the third house to get it right.

With Irish Association of Self Builders and Iaosb.Com we  hope that we can make your first house be the one that you did get right.